Zerowatt Many Ideas…Zero Problem

ZEROWATT is an Italian brand with a history of more than 70 years that has relied on the philosophy of manufacturing products based on global cutting-edge technology with zero problems and has been looking for ideal solutions for the current and future generation. Given the fact that ZEROWATT is an Italian brand, the creation of charming designs for their products is rooted in their culture, which has always provided the necessary conditions for meeting end-user expectations.

ZEROWATT, an Italian brand with the tagline of “Many Ideas …. Zero Problem”.

ZEROWATT is a forward-looking brand that pays special attention to low energy consumption and protecting water resources. This long-standing brand was created in Italy in 1949 and joined Hoover in 1985. ZEROWATT presented its first full automatic washing machine (the model 750) in 1957 and its first refrigerator in 1960.

ZEROWATT achieved a high global market share in the 1960’s and expanded its export to all European, Asian and Middle Eastern countries in cooperation with the CANDY HOOVER group in the 1980’s.

ZEROWATT started a new chapter of innovation and creativity in the global home appliances industry by introducing the AXI series in 2019.

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Originality and Duration

Born in 1949 and manufactured the first automatic washing machine in 1957

Saving Energy

Low energy consumption and protection of water resources as a main standard for product design

AXI Modern Series

The world’s smartest major home appliances using internet of thing

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