About PAKSHOMA Brand-Group


Pakshoma group DNA

“A fox knows many things, but a hedgehog knows one important thing.”

When the fox is trying all possible methods to attack its hunt, the hedgehog does just one thing; it retracts itself and hides under its spines. Therefore, it's always the winner and nobody has ever seen a hedgehog hunted by a fox


Iran market leader by numbers

Pakshoma group is collaborating with 4 international brands and group’s products are sold in more than 5,000 retailers around Iran.

Every year, its community of over 2.250 direct & up to 10,000 indirect employees contributes to launching products that are increasingly innovative and tailored to consumers’ needs in a production area over 300,000 sqm.

Our business model

  • We design products and experiences
  • strong relation with international brands
  • From the best raw materials to the best products
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    We design products and experiences

    Owning the largest home appliances research and development center among Iranian industrial companies, PAKSHOMA GROUP invests 4.7 % of its annual turnover profit in the field of innovation, design and development of new products

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    strong relation with international brands

    One of our main strategy in pakshoma group is multi brand strategy and our great vision is to build a strong brand portfolio with collaborating with international brands so we are always looking forward to develop your business with international brands for Middle east markets.

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    From the best raw materials to the best products

    The purchased raw materials and components are shipped to the Group's production sites and to the partners that manufacture and assemble the products. The process is structured around specialised competence centres where a specific product is always manufactured inside the same plant.

Our recent achievements

PAKSHOMA Group owns the most advanced refrigerator production factory in the Middle East.

PAKSHOMA Group is the largest residential air conditioner factory in Iran.

PAKSHOMA Group is the first and only domestic dishwasher production factory in Iran.

The strategy of continuous innovation in presenting new products to maintain the vitality of PAKSHOMA Group brands has led us to offer 3 to 4 new product models in the home appliances category every year and continuously improve our existing models to meet the needs of consumers by meeting energy consumption requirements such as less energy usage and user friendly operations.

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