Cooperation Between PAKSHOMA and Digikala

03September2020 News

PAKSHOMA’s CEO, Mr. Ebrahimi, and other managers from the industrial group visited the Digikala company and observed its logistic abilities and mechanized warehouses. Digikala’s CEO, Mr. Mohammadi, considered the cooperation between PAKSHOMA and Digikala to be one of the most successful cooperation processes based on the sales growth from 1398 to today (1399) and the two companies agreed to hold joint advertising campaigns for the launch of new PAKSHOMA products.
PAKSHOMA’s CEO, Mr. Ebrahimi, considered Digikala to be an example of a national treasure and a successful effort made regularly to clarify and structure Iran’s distribution system.
It should be noted that PAKSHOMA is Iran’s largest home appliances manufacturer and also Digikala is Iran’s largest online store.

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