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CANDY; Italian Lifestyle, Smart & Consumer-Centric Products

In 1945, CANDY was born into life by Fumagali brothers in Italy, the world's origin of design and lifestyle. CANDY is a subsidiary of HAIER EUROPE and the most important brand (masterbrand) of CANDY-HOOVER. The quality and the European-Italian design of the products are the two factors leading to the worldwide success and reputation of CANDY.

PAKSHOMA brand-group set up the production line for CANDY products (washing machine, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, etc.) in partnership with Italian partners more than 4 years ago, and started manufacturing this brand’s products and has experienced a significant growth in market share.

CANDY is the inspiration source for the firsts; the first 16 PS dishwasher in standard dimensions in the world, the first smart oven with all-touch total control screen door and integral HD video camera which is a game-changer in the kitchen appliances industry, the first smart washing machine (internet of things) supporting voice control called CANDY BIANCA and … the story still goes on!

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Focusing on the internet of things and synchronization with smart phones


Adapting products with today’s modern urban lifestyle and people having less time for spending with the electrical home appliances

Italian lifestyle

Making use of different colors and various product architecture patterns in cooperation with the largest industrial design galleries

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